Pilates is a safe system of mind-body exercises using a mat or a variety of equipment. Created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century, this system aims to build strength and flexibility, improve posture, and correct alignment in your body through an emphasis of core control and lengthening your muscles. Pilates exercises focus on precision, control, concentration, centering, breath, and flow.

Pilates is suitable for all ages, shapes, and fitness levels. It will help you look and feel your best. Pilates in not only perfect for your fitness routine but also can help strengthen areas of pain or joint dysfunction. 



I am a Southern California native who loves traveling, exploring new cuisines, and my rescue pup! I found Pilates after physical therapy for my lower back issues. Pilates was the only thing I found to successfully manage my pain. Because Pilates has had such an incredible impact on my life, I want to share my passion and knowledge with others.

As a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT), I have trained under and continue to learn from some of the best instructors in the Pilates community. I am a 3rd generation classical Pilates instructor and completed my 500-hour Comprehensive Classical Pilates training through the Lolita's Legacy Program at Studio Flo in San Diego, CA. I am also trained in the Pilates Suspension Method and a certified Barre Above Instructor. My style is mainly classical but always adding new exercises to my repertoire to further my clients' goals.

I am a trained Birth & Postpartum Doula and a specialist in Prenatal and Postpartum Pilates as well and have a true passion for helping expectant and new mamas. I combine my experience and expertise in Pilates and my Doula work to make a unique and full spectrum care for women during this special time in their life.



My home studio is equipped with Balanced Body equipment. I have a Reformer Tower, Spine Corrector, Pilates Magic Circle, Foam Roller, as well as small props such as therabands and weights.


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